Westchester Theft and Robbery Attorneys

Conviction of theft often carries hefty consequences which vary depending on your situation, but all can seriously affect your future. Even an allegation of theft can harm your reputation, while a conviction will likely impact your professional career and personal life for years to come. Fortunately, the dedicated theft attorneys with the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., are highly experienced in defending those accused of theft in Westchester, and we have the knowledge and resources to aggressively fight for the best possible result from your case.

It is critical once you are charged with theft to immediately seek a competent defense attorney. The Westchester legal team at the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., is committed to advocating in the defense of those charged with theft, and if we represent you, we will tirelessly work to protect your rights and challenge the allegations against you. Although you may feel overwhelmed by the intimidating legal process, our defense team in Westchester may guide you through the process as smoothly as possible as we execute a defense strategy tailored specifically to your case.

Types of Theft

In Westchester, some theft charges you may face are:

Regardless of what you are charged with, it is essential to the success of your case to consult a Westchester theft attorney as early on as possible, who can help you understand the charges laid against you and your options for defense.

Contact a Westchester Theft Attorney for Help

Whether you made a mistake or acted carelessly, an unfavorable decision you once made should not define the rest of your life. The Westchester theft attorneys of the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., fully understand the challenges you are facing following an accusation of theft, and we may put our experience and skills to work for you. Contact our Westchester offices by calling (914) 772-3166 today for fair and dependable representation.