Westchester Sex Crimes Lawyers

Sex crimes carry a certain stigma that can stay with a person for a very long time after conviction. In particular, being labeled a sex offender could have irreparable consequences on a person’s personal and professional life in Westchester. At the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., we aim to preserve the life you’ve built and protect you from future damages. Our highly qualified Westchester sex crime lawyers are prepared to tackle even the most difficult cases, and with our experience and knowledge, we may help you try to reduce or altogether eliminate any charges laid against you.

Hiring a Westchester sex crimes defense lawyer and taking early action could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. There are steep legal penalties associated with sex crimes, not to mention the social backlash you also may face. In order to avoid possible incarceration and having to register as a sex offender in New York, you need the tough guidance of a Westchester sex crimes lawyer. We understand how devastating these charges can be, and our legal team may help guide you through the legal process as smoothly as possible.

Types of Sex Crimes

Many times, prosecutors are overly zealous in the prosecution of sex crimes, due to their high social stigma. Sex crimes that we are fully prepared to defend in Westchester include:

A sex crime charge can be life-altering, but our Westchester sex crimes lawyers are committed to acting in the best interest of those charged, and we may also fight for your legal rights.

Contact a Westchester Sex Crimes Lawyer for Help

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., we are capable of providing the effective defense you need to combat any charges you face in Westchester. We want to shield you from the backlash you might experience after being accused of a sex crime, and with our tough defense, you will be in a better position to avoid lasting negative consequences. Contact our Westchester offices at (914) 772-3166 today to begin discussing your case with a compassionate Westchester sex crimes lawyer.