Westchester Assault Lawyers

Assault convictions can carry severe penalties that, depending on the nature of the incident, may involve extensive jail time. Even the mere accusation of assault associated with your name can have damaging effects on your professional and personal life. For the sake of your future, it is critical to enlist the assistance of an experienced Westchester assault lawyer to fight on your behalf against these charges.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., we realize the seriousness of the accusations brought against you. Whether the circumstances arose from a misunderstanding, a regrettable comment or a mistake, we understand that situations sometimes unexpectedly escalate. Fortunately, our Westchester legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of those accused, and we also may develop a defense strategy specifically tailored to your case that works for the reduction or altogether elimination of your charges.

Types of Assault Charges

Assault charges are not always cut and dry. In Westchester, there are many charges associated with these crimes, including:

Everyone has the right to a fair trial, and we believe an excellent defense goes a long way towards avoiding severe penalties. A Westchester criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges pursued against you and guide you through the legal process.

Contact a Westchester Assault Lawyer for Help

If you have been accused of assault in Westchester, it is imperative that you seek legal aid. Our Westchester assault lawyers with the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., possess the resources to dedicate our full attention to your case, which could be imperative to getting your life back on track. Contact our offices in Westchester at (914) 772-3166 today to begin discussing your case.