Our Westchester Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Criminal charges are never to be taken lightly. Even a first time conviction can have significant effects on an individual’s life and freedoms, affecting educational, housing, and career opportunities far into the future. Fortunately, being charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted, and there are numerous things that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can do to try and have the charges against you lessened in severity, or in some instances, dropped altogether.

At the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., we know what’s at stake if you’re facing criminal charges of any kind. Our Westchester legal team has extensive experience in the following areas and is prepared to take your case if you are facing charges involving any of the following:

Facing criminal charges can consume your thoughts, but you can feel at ease with our strong criminal defense team behind you. When you receive criminal charges in Westchester, it is critical to your case to immediately enlist the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. With the Law Offices of Richard A. Portale, P.C., representing you, your rights will be protected and interests fiercely defended throughout your case. Contact our Westchester offices at (914) 772-3166 today to learn more.